Today with over 40 years of experience behind us, Sing Mah is the acknowledged to be one of the leaders in the packing industry with rapid growth and is now positioned as a total solutions provider

material for packaging

Wooden Crate

We design and build customized wooden crate, wooden cases, plywood cases and pine wood crate

material for packing

Crating and Uncrating

Sing Mah provides start-to-end solutions like on-site packing, vacuum packing and more. Our packaging components are made from various species of wood, plywood, corrugated polypropylene, and other requested materials. Sing Mah packing specialists will be at your designated location to represent and provide you with the know-how as well as the required services.

With our experience in the industry and our in-depth knowledge of packing, we do more than pack them in for you. Our sound advice and expertise are prerequisites to a positive result for your inner packaging material requirements.

Whenever possible, Sing Mah uses recyclable packaging material that results in a lower packaging cost and also proves to be an eco-friendly way of protecting our environment.

pallet plywood

Customised Pallet

Professionally made and managed, our customised pallets have become thestandard to which others aspire to achieve. Fabrication of the following customised pallets will be made to our client’s requirements.